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Paul Holdaway - owner and coach.


“I wanted to create a private and professional PT studio that allowed the committed person, of any age or ability, to achieve their goals. Whether a performance minded runner or triathlete, someone rehabilitating from operation or illness or anyone who wants to make fitness a priority in their life."


Read Paul's Background below.

Coaching enquiries


This is a unique personal training and small group coaching service. We offer highly qualified, experienced coaching within our own private, personal training studio. Every time you train, you are coached and supported.


Science underpins everything we do and advise for training, nutrition and lifestyle. We don’t follow fads, or promise miracles, we promote a healthy, balanced and correct knowledge base to training, fitness and nutrition which over time will transform your sporting and personal lifestyle.

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Reach your next level.

Individual Packages in our private PT Studio


  • 12 week performance course. 
    The ultimate, most focused package to gaurantee results.
  • Individual PT sessions, or train with a friend.
  • Distance Coaching - Running, triathlon and cycling bespoke coaching plans for the commited athlete. Go to the next level!
  • 6 month marathon coaching package Underpin your training with science, and maximise your potential in 2019! Limited places available

Small group sessions in our private PT Studio.


  • ‘Train with me’
  • 3 persons’ max
  • Circuit training – HIIT
  • 4 persons’ max
  • Strength and conditioning – Running and triathlon
  • 3 persons’ max.
  • Women’s run session
  • Free social
  • Saturday mornings 8:30am
  • Masters (over 65yrs) fitness sessions

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Knowledge and experience



We know from first hand experience that rehabilitating from an injury, illness or operation can be a very scary, lonely and uncertain place to be.


The recovery journey is a multidimensional process, and requires an understanding, empathy and knowledge of the various disciplines that you will encounter.


The TL coaching Studio has been set up to provide support in this Rehabilitation process, and fill a gap between the support of your consultants, physiotherapists or any other clinician.

Rehabilitation packages


As the requirements of every individual can vary so much, and change over time, we are able to discuss your situation and put together a suitable package of coaching that will assist your recovery.

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Background and experience

My personal journey

Paul Holdaway


I have worked within the fitness and sports coaching industry for 20 years now. Starting my own PT gym (Lifestyle Clinic) back in 2001 at the age of 21.  Over the next 10-15 years I was founder and coach to our local towns running club and triathlon club, and race director for multiple running, swimming and triathlon events, which grew into TL Sports Events. The ‘TL' has been my ethos from day one, and stands for Team Lifestyle. Regardless of ability and results, at the core, sport and fitness should be a lifestyle to achieve long term consistency and enjoyment.


I qualified in personal training and sports therapy & massage back in 1998, adding triathlon coaching courses and class based qualifications over the years. However, through my own training and coaching career I have always been fascinated with the science behind the body and training, therefore, in 2014 I enrolled on a Bsc Exercise & Sports Science degree, and am currently in my final academic year. The degree is a distance degree based from Manchester Met Uni, and allows me be a husband, dad to three kids and run my own business.


My personal sporting background has been varied, moving from football and tennis at county level, into running and triathlon when I was 20 years of age. I had to work very hard for many years, and I am more proud of the process more than any one result. Some of my highlights;


U23 Silver Medal – National Indoor Rowing Champs – 2km – 6:32 (lightweight)

5km run – 16:02

10km run 33:26

Half Marathon run – 1hr 14 mins - Amsterdam

Marathon run – 2 hr 56 mins - Amsterdam

25m TT (cycling) – 54 mins

50m TT – 1 hr 54 mins

London Draft Legal Elite Duathlon

Sub 2hr Olympic distance

Sub 1hr Sprint distance

400m pool swim pb – 5 mins 2 sec

Half Ironman pb 4hrs 25 mins – Galway 2012 – 1st AG; qualified for Worlds, 17th overall in race and first age group athlete in the race.

Lanzarote 70.3 – 2nd in AG - 34th overall

Wales Ironman – My first ironman – 11:02, running 3hr 36 mins for marathon.


I have a special interest and background in performance and rehabilitation; one of my final degree unit choices is 'Science of Injury' alongside 'Coaching process in Sport'. My Mum is a Chartered Physiotherapist which has helped me gain knowledge, experience and interest in this area. Performance is a very wide ‘ranging’ word and is not dependant on ability or age, for me it is an indication that a client wants to achieve a specific exercise or sporting goal which requires some progression within those 3 Sports Science disciplines, Physiology, Biomechanics and Psychology.


My passion for Rehabilitation strengthened since 2013 when I began to suffer with unexplained joint and muscle pains, and an increasing chronic fatigue. Gradually deteriorating, it took until June 2017 to get a correct and definite diagnosis of Haemachromotosis, a genetic iron overloading disease.  I subsequently had three major surgeries including a total hip replacement in July 2017 and an ankle fusion in Dec 2017, which given my background and my age, has been a tough pill to swallow, as I was beginning a 3 year plan to qualify for the Hawaii Ironman Worlds, and race a sub 10hr Ironman!  However, I have been, and continue to be, determined to get back to full fitness and lifestyle, I will begin my competitive comeback at the National Indoor Row Champs in December 2018.


I know first hand how lonely illness and injury can be, in any walk of life it can strip us of  our identity.  The knock on effect can spread to every area of our lives; work, hobbies, social, relationships and has a huge physical and psychological effect on people. I am passionate to help bridge the gap between appointments with your clinician (Physiotherapist, Consultant, Chiropractor etc) and also assist you to implement any advice given, on a daily and weekly basis, to ensure correct technique and progression as well as some moral support and encouragement on a regular basis!


The TL Studio is underpinned by evidence based decisions within the Sports science area, all clients receive unrivalled attention, professional knowledge and experience, topped off by providing a bespoke, personal and private training studio for all your session.

Client testimonials

Paul Delicata - Cambridge Harriers AC & Sydenham Wheelers CC


Paul coached me remotely for a 6 month period and used his undoubted expertise and knowledge in both running and triathlon to help me regain fitness and form that I had struggled to find again after competing in Ironman Lanzarote 2012.  His positive, attentive and specific approach to my training meant that I have gradually recovered my running form in particular and this is down largely to his attention to detail when setting specific sessions.  I also found his response time to any questions incredibly fast and he was always available to discuss any changes that may have occurred to my time schedules meaning sessions needed to be altered.  I also found that he was able to use his own experience as a high level athlete coupled with his in depth coaching knowledge to deliver the perfect training schedules in the lead up to races.



Paul helped me race my first triathlon at sprint,  standard and middle distance. Paul gave me structure to my training which helped me improve across all three areas and race a middle distance triathlon in my first year of triathlon training. Paul listened to what I wanted to do, looked at my life and built a great set of training which fitted in. He has a huge amount of knowledge and tips many of which I still use today in my training. Whatever your goal Paul will help you achieve it with his knowledge, motivation and belief in you.

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Call: 07534 163 570



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Call: 07534 163 570



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